Why does the input field only show 4 lines of type?

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Sean in Ottawa
Why does the input field only show 4 lines of type?

One of the problems with the current site here is that when you write a response you can only see four lines of type. It makes rereading before submitting a post difficult.

Perhaps this is to encourage people to write less. I wonder if that is wise. Often the shorter reponses are snappy comebacks and put-downs and the longer posts contain policy ideas. Is this a place to explore and lay out policy ideas and detailed discussion or should it be more like a comments section at the CBC?

If the answer is that we want to welcome more thought out ordered discussion why not give more room to read and write submissions -- like say 12 lines instead of 4?

Mr. Magoo

Just click and drag the little arrow in the bottom right corner -- you can make the input window YUGE.  Multiple screens worth.  Biggest input window in history, believe me.


Ya doesn’t work on my iPhone. Screw you technology!

Sean in Ottawa

It keeps snapping back. It resizes with any scrolling as well. But I had not realized it was there and in so far as it works I will try to use it. Thanks!