Yo! Take this survey!

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Yo! Take this survey!

It's here.

At rabble.ca we get a lot of visitors -- up to 450,000 a month, and we have over 18,000 Twitter followers. That’s a lot of folks. Who are you? In 2011 we had a visitors' survey and now we are doing it again. We are hoping to get 100 more people responding so we have opened the survey back up until May 20. Yes, you can still get prizes! We are offering Canadian music CD prize packs, rabble tote bags, or some rockin' bike lights.  Congratulations to Marion P., Jody S., Beth L., and Chris C. who have won already!

You could win prizes, but of course it's always great for the main part of the site to hear from babblers directly. So make your voices heard! We all know what voting does for democracy...[/troll]