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quicc ting

leave ya tip top n brainless/
when I cocc the stainless/

shit I cant deny it
all I can do is supply it/

this medicine for ya ears/
have ya pourin liquor, sheddin tears/

den ready to bus queers/
licc 6 shotz let out 3 cheerz/

know some of yall, been in the game for years/
that mean, yall not that keen, need ta stay clean/

n make it up thru the rap scene/
blow the sticcy, aka the doja/

gave ya girl a hiccy, told her I was olda/
cuz itz us yunga niggas n we takin ova/

have u on the floor like u was a dog named dova/
nigga I got the rova,

tell me, r ya feelin like a clova?/

see b4 it started this shit was OVA/
now ya parted like u was some stova/

so witness it, jus like jehovah/



Star Spangled C...

I'm not sure exactly what the hell you're saying, but can you please calrify that this is NOT promoting violence against gay people?

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I concur, clarification is needed

Star Spangled C...

okay, remind, i see i'm not alone on this. "when i cocc the stainless" is clearly a gun reference as is "6 shotz". Combined with "bus queers" which could be "bust queers" this seems to be promoting violence against gay people. Gay people on this board really don't need to read this sort of shit.

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Did you flag it so a moderator could ask him for clarification?


Remind he also seems to be able to say misogynist things on this board.  I also wonder what his name refers too, since he self identifies as a young black man.  Rexdale does have a large South Asian community but nothing in his posts indicate he has anything to do with that culture.


I guess as long as he says he is speaking for his mother and sister he is good to go.  Embarassed

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Nice of you to notice kropotkin, thanks, but I have gotten used to some babblers being allowed to be  as misogynist as they want, without too much censor. I mean after all, we are just women, so we are used to it ya know, so its no biggie if we are sacrificed in order to allow male voices their right to be continue to espouse misogyny.

But I do take exception to what appears to be targeted hate and advocating extreme violence against queers.

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Oh, I guess we are forgetting artistic license and all of that you can excuse anything.

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kropotkin stop trying to figure out shit about me lol It's weird. But yea I dont have anything to do with them, Im from a dif part and I dont live in Humberwood which is where they at.


Im in a dif turf.


but it was queers as in bulletz because ur taking life away u aint making it.


It wasnt meant to be promoting violence just only a man and a woman can make a baby...




Dont read it if u dont want to I just wanted to use this like a archive ting so that I have it incase some shit breaks.


Im not tryna post it for u to read it but u can if u want to. If the meaning is ok with me thats all that matters maybe this example aint a really good one cuz I c ur side but a lot of times we from dif places, groups, n pure other shit Im not gonna understand u ur not gonna understand me.


Thats ok attacing a person over it aint cool though think about how yall would see me if I went off everytime I see shit. Yall would be thinking in ur head like I knew they like this or some shit stereotypes having a positive reference in ur head and a lot of ppl who dont read that much would more likely get shit than a regular but since 1 person is 1 person the affect is the same.


But when every single time there's a misunderstanding 3,4,5,6 white ppl jump on 1 ting and blast the fucc out of it think about how that looks too. SHit is gwanin over here like ppl have said there's often a hostile, condescending, and racist,sexist,classist w.e tone to it at times but def like Im above u.


And it aint pretty.

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Oh that's better.

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I'm closing this.

For the violent gun imagery, for the sexist imagery, for the anti-queer bullshit. That all needs to stop Rexdale.

I'm also closing this for the baiting of Rexdale over and over and over again by remind and kropotkin neither of whom notified the mods via the abuse notification.

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