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Roxanne Snider
Creative Writing Workshop


A great way to start writing, jump start your stalled writing, or push your writing to a new level ...
Join a new session of an ongoing creative writing workshop, which evolved out of a University of Toronto Creative Writing course.
Through a series of writing prompts, we'll explore various components of narrative prose - exposition, dialogue, point-of-view, style, etc. Each week participants write a short, assigned piece which we'll read and discuss in class. These exercizes are designed to spark the imagination and hone the craft of writing, and are suitable to writers of fiction and memoir, beginning writers or those further along.
The workshop in general is conceived as a supportive, illuminating, entertaining and provocative environment in which to develop narrative skills and ideas. Our discussion of writing also includes examples from great classic and contemporary writers.
The instructor, Roxanne Snider, is a published writer with an MFA in creative writing, who has taught at the University of Toronto's Continuing Education, Her teachers include Barbara Gowdy, Amy Hempel and Sven Birkerts.

Time and Dates: 7-9pm, eight Tuesdays, October 5--November 23
Location: Bloor St. United Church, Bloor & Spadina
Cost: $275. or $250. before Sept. 7
Contact: [email protected] or 416-516-0444



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Hi Roxanne.

Please contact Matt Adams  matt(at)rabble(dot)ca   for advertising rates and banner ads on

As much as babble encourages emerging writers to find skill and audience, this reads like a private workshop with rather steep, inaccessible fees and no sliding scale. Either buy an ad or post the details for this workshop in the what's up section of

I'll let this ride this one time, but not again. Next time I close the thread, delete the information and ban your account. If you have any questions email me at maysie(at)rabble(dot)ca.