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started off lil while ago carried the lines around kept adding now itz long as shit lol

havin dreams of dien while in sleepin/
seems im destined to be creepin/

sprayin, n prayin that my momz aint be weepin/
cuz maybe as im turnin yall to gravy/

I go to a early g-r-a-v-e, cant ya c seems it was meant to be/
destined for me, to be fightin even if im feelin down/

fucc it jus load up anotha round, no time if no body found/
will I stay free as I paint anotha scene wit the infra red beam/

throwin cz as my schemes comin tru, gunnin crews, rex n hataz fucc u too/
cuz Im rbg like g-a-r-v-y, pass the blunt blow it out to the sky/

hopin it reach the homies, lef me lonely,
why im rollin 1 deep me n the heat only/

see toronto to texas bes respect dis cuz we restless, n we pacc the steel/
we jus aim n shoot to kill, keep it trill cuz fucc snitchin any time we can n we will/

im paranoid in my mind frame, on the mic or in the street I bring u lames to shame/
itz all the same cuz yall like dames, n im ya bane, aint no gain without no pain/

born from a grain, so get slain, cuz itz plain n simple/
I leave marks on ya face like dimples, ya getin popped like pimples/

but please listen to the words I be sayin, real talks tired of the slayin/
but tryna live so the gunz stay layin, havin bitch ass niggas decayin/

n North sia 4 lia a hannibal like leada, a cannibal wit heataz/
a animal wit ya mamacita, cuz ya sayin u needa, but im gon treata/

shit im gon feed her n she over here takin a seata/
wit her knees up, while in rollin my trees up/

fucc A.C we bout to turn the heat up/
but dear god why cant I have no peace/

where niggas slicc like they on some grease/
friendships cease over anything above a geese/

niggas gone like they was from ancient greece/
u cud get done in by anybody even ya nephew or neice/

itz why ya keep the heat up unda ya seat/
ya bes have some good shoes up unda ya feet/

cuz aint nobody weak fucc retreat northside where we lay the creep/
itz always danga, u cud get robbed by some starvin stranga/

tryna come get a piece of my bread, itz why I aint scared to bus lead/
itz why Ima long ranga, but dont follow no nigga born in a manga/

bus hollows, but u missed nigga who done trained ya/

n muthafucc school, only thing u need to know is how to cook n bus tools/
but mama aint raise no fool, cant foreva live the crime life/

OGZ tellin me nigga lookin bacc in hindsight/
itz they trap to have u in the limelight/

in front of a judge that aint showin nobody esp no niggas no love/
so dont get caught sellin drugs, keep it thug, jus tryna shine right/

gotta keep ya grind tight, keep duccin when the fedz roll/
cuz they got 1 goal n itz arrestin anybody who resemblin coal/

so im jus goin on the solo, the low-low, tryna get the dough bro/
aint trippin off u hataz n u hoez tho, cant fucc wit the flow/

u snitches talk like some crows, cuz itz Canadian snow, ya already know/
rollin up the good dro, n keepin my clipz close,

cuz I aint tryna twitch like a overdose, Ill leave u fuccin comatose/
iller then most, pop me? Shit I jus come bacc like a ghost/

at ya throat, my piff make ya float like a boat/
make ya girl feel like she indoors wearin a coat,

cant touch me like I be behind a moat

take a note of what I wrote/

im the best aint no need to vote, thats a quote/