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it always felt like shit wasnt right/
since I came here niggas shoot spearz/

n they bringin tearz but aint like bacc like dat/
bacc every nigga got a gat, every nigga strapped/

since a lil age, I only write what I feel on the page/
dont spit nothin else, always jus wanted to express myself/

cuz my soul is in poor health, this acapella aint got no beat/
itz off the top real like the street, gotta hustle to eat/

I dont big up myself, others do it for me but haters jus deplore me/
im kiccin down da door c, do u want war g?, ima keep goin/

ima keep flowin, till only the whites of my eyes stay showin/
dont even know sometimes, lookin around tryna find/

1 nigga dat aint on the grind, aint no peace in the hood/
northside c-walk show u wus good, I aint gloryifyin violence/

peaceful want beef? my heat stays silenced, niggas slangin white like I said/
breakin tha bread, gunshots comin at ya head, n I aint gonna talk bout what Im doin/

but ill say im takin a bite nigga im chewin, migh c time for it, but/
gotta be on the grind chop dimes do crime for it/

n real talk this shit aint never felt divine, or fine/
how u gonna say that it pure, r u really sure/

cuz I aint never felt peaceful or calm, more peace where the army dropz bombs/
over here niggas pourin beerz, for those that gone over the years let me be clear/

how u gonna say that good, step outside into the hood, out ya door lil niggas clutchin a fo fo/
so how u say it divine, im here tryna take wus mine, like every muthafucca out there/

u ask where?, Like I said look around, but dont follow me in the end, cuz u aint my friend/
survival, u might be a rival, n im sayin it like a hole in my soul/

fill it wit pussy, dank, or when I spit it like a lugi, n it aint fair they clap it/
so we gotta strap it, but we dont put it on them, put it on our friends sistas n brothas/

we kill each otha, even tho we from the same motha, I aint even gotta beat for this/
but u know I keep it real wit dis, words comin out my teeth wit dis/

if it fake u cud put me under the white sheet for shit/
some of the top part of it written I aint gonna lie/

but rhymes come to me like I aint gotta try/
good n evil exist together, like malcolm n mega evers/

so gotta keep a balance, 2x that in my clip if u want a challenge/
really tho like for every blood there a nigga who crip it hollow tip it/

n u cud say w.e but dis came from the heart n I ripped it/


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3rd like should c


n they bringin tearz but aint like aint bacc like dat/


n the balance is if u dont get it lol 8x2=16 8 is balance in atoms dont know where I came up wit it