Finding the Words: A Creative Writing Workshop for Women and Trans Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault

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Finding the Words: A Creative Writing Workshop for Women and Trans Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault


JULY/AUGUST 6-week course at Toronto Women's Bookstore

Finding the Words: A Creative Writing Workshop for Women and Trans Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault facilitated by Ali Sauer

TUESDAY evenings in JULY and AUGUST
JULY 7, 14, 21, 28 and AUGUST 18 and 25, from 6:30pm to 9pm @ TWB

* * * There is a pre-screening process for this workshop. Please call to register. * * *


Fee: $69 (No Refunds). Pre-registration and payment required.

Enrollment limited to 12 participants. Limited sliding scale spots available.

We regret our bathroom is not wheelchair accessible.

‘Writing is a matter of necessity. That you write to save your life is really true and so far it's been a very sturdy ladder out of the pit.' Alice Walker

‘Writing can be an avenue to that interior place where. . .we can confront traumas and put them to rest - and heal the body and mind.' James W. Pennebaker

"Finding the Words" is a six week introductory workshop on integrating creative writing into existing coping strategies for women and trans childhood sexual abuse survivors. This workshop will be facilitated by a therapist in a therapeutic context but is not intended to stand-in for, or replace individual trauma counselling. Participants will be encouraged to examine existing strengths and develop new coping strategies through therapeutic writing exercises. Being "good at" writing is not a pre-requisite for this workshop, participants will be invited to share only what and when they want.

Our experiences of childhood sexual abuse impact us immensely. Factors such as racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism also shape our sexual traumas and sometimes complicate our ability to process and heal.

This workshop will be conducted within an anti-oppressive feminist therapeutic framework that acknowledges and works with locating individual traumas within a broader socio-political framework.

Week One: Grounding and Safe Spaces
Week Two: Coping Mechanisms
Week Three: Impacts/Effects and Strength/Resilience
Week Four: Boundaries and Patterns
Week Five: Reading and Reacting to Other Stories
Week Six: Reflection and Letter Writing

There is some reading material for the workshop. It will be provided to the participants in a zine format. It includes brief excerpts from Thomson Highway, Audre Lorde, Eli Clare, Dorothy Allison, Anna Camilleri etc.

Facilitator Bio: Ali Sauer practices therapy with a feminist, anti-oppressive therapeutic framework using eclectic therapeutic interventions. She has Masters in Counselling Psychology at OISE. Ali has done 'formal' counselling for four years, in both a crisis and ongoing capacity (and countless other years around kitchen tables late at night).

Ali has worked with childhood trauma in group and individual settings. For eight years Ali has been facilitating and participating in groups and classes in both educational and community settings. Ali identifies as a queer, white, anti-oppression oriented woman with chronic health problems.