Gatz Rexdale - I Guess

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Gatz Rexdale - I Guess

gonna put the tracc together in a bit till then play the beat n read the lyricz cuz

I guess the good die yung, my niggas shoes slung/
on a power line, get up keep tryin, spittin lines/

u know the pain in my heart from the start na guess I dont flow it/
mayb, I dont wanna show it, but fucc it, whats duccets/

if all u can say about life is fucc it, we was kids/
had the clips, u know a crazy world, dem shots hurl/

n yo dis might be off the top but I feel it/
to be really real da walls I gotta peel it/

success dont come? Ima steal it/

I cant move past if I dont adress it/
like why did I press it, crest it/

wasnt much dif but im here n they aint/
only cuz im luccy I aint no saint/

shit dont get it twisted, shots almost ripped it/
many times, many days, many ways, ppl I knew/

got sprayed, n maybe im gettin to real for u/
but this for the yung kids a new/

dont follow, u dont want the tips thats hollow/
dont wanna make niggas swallow/

Verse 2

u think u forget but u dont, u cant u wont/
never not in a million years, pourin liquor n beerz/

for those killed n that u kill/
cuz lets be real, they too was jus

kids who had to pacc the steel, aim for real/
just like me, I guess I was a lil bit fasta/

or had prayaz from a nigga like a pasta, but u know/
im here, real talk im surprised, im alive/

n I aint jokin, drink or it weed im tokin, im smokin/
cuz otherwise u really cant forget, will I get wet?/

I often wonda, shots rain like the tunda, Will I get shocced/
popped, dropped? call it what u want mean im leavin/

lyin not breathin, will my homies care?, u know real friends is rare/
will they just stare for a minute, or be like lets get who done did it/

Will I live to a ripe old age? or a lil nigga blast with the gauge/
Right now im pourin on the page, sadness that slowly turns into rage/

Verse 3

real talk I aint lien/ man enuff to admit im sad when my pplz is dien, shots flyin, but ima keep tryin/
real talk I think If I get kept goin I b cryin, shouts from the lion/wait I aint done yet, 1 mo set/

actually one question that lingers, what 1 in my head feel like shots at my fingaz/
I felt shots burn, but guess it was my turn, but what it like to be dead/

c I dont wear red but I seen more then u think, like water comin out the sink/
is the thoughts im flowin out, im dien? im goin out land of mad clout/

but u know ima stop real talk cuz im goin for rhymes/
instead of really puttin down what the fucc on my mind/

I guess for some it new, some like dis nigga should be in our crew/
few know me most dont, u see me, remember that u proly never wont/

top the charts cuz I wrote what I felt in my heart like yo/

flow about gunz n punz cuz it more fun but if I could really express it profress it/
wouldnt spit bout rex n how the tecz hit

If I could rap betta? It be about my niggas lyin deep got wetta/
I spit cold, do u needa sweata? U been told dis real down to the letter/

seems I lost the ability to cry, I dont know why mayb seen too many die/
im the kind of guy who like a girl with the chest ass n the thigh/

go up to her like ma u lookin at me I know ya pussy aint dry/ I know I caught ya eye/
Jus wanna say Hi u pretty like the sky I know what u want come over here we try/

Verse 4

tryta wet me I turn poison like the rye/

a afterlife, even the same mad strife?
im wishin could do it all agen n be me instead of them/

u cant touch my synonyms im talkin to her? u know im gettin in/

but sit bacc n kicc it, still from the streets n I flipped it/
I aint sayin sum1 fucc wit u to miss it/

but only use it if they also sticc it, n clip it/
then go ahead n rubba grip it, catch em when they slip it/

n rip it str8 crip it/




Thanks for sharing this, R_P.


"Right now im pourin on the page, sadness that slowly turns into rage/"

that's a good line



I like your choice of words, the intense feeling in expressions.

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