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HAH - Haikus against Harper





Welcome to this site

Of haikus against Harper

You should write your own


Haikus’ three lines have

Five, seven, five syllables

Seventeen in all


Often the third line

Addresses lines one and two

Haikus are like that


You can sign your name

Or simply prorogue yourself

But send us your verse


The P.M. must learn

The people always reject



Find the written words

Canadian citizens

Only silence fails


SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO: [email protected]




Thanks Tigana.  There's some really good stuff there.  i'll have to come up with something.


Wiener weiner wee

ner weiner weiner weiner

weiner weiner wee


ok, so mine may be one of the lesser muses, Frown


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Two, intimately related offerings:


Oldgoat's deli psalm

to pork byproducts of old

how much did he drink?



The morning after

comastose on the carpet

his muse lies moaning


Oh wait, these were supposed to be about Harper, not oldgoat? Never mind.

George Victor

Steve's democracy

Is not your conventional

Idea of freedom

George Victor

Oldgoat just has to

Bring political venom

To poetic form

George Victor

edited out of compassion for babble readers 


Hurtin Albertan

Dear Fearless Leader

You are my inspiration

Please don't arrest me


Lonely on the right

Stephen Harper lands a friend

Ignoble Michael!


Don't keep your promise:

troops never expected it -

buy them fighter planes.


The people need bread,

not rich guys meeting rich guys.

Let them eat junket.

George Victor

Where oil's ethical

You know that the fighter planes

Aren't too far removed


Ken Burch

White, White, White Stephen-

Builder Of The Firewall

Against Canada.


Ken Burch

Prarie Warlord Steve,

Dreams of Christian Sharia,

(Burquas for the gays?)