Haiku offerings and their origins

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George Victor
Haiku offerings and their origins


George Victor

Paul Krugman's March 2 column began: "Remember the good old days, when we used to talk about the "subprime crisis" - and some even thought that this crisis could be "contained"? Oh, the nostalgia!


The world is awash

In memories of good times

Of made in the shade


It's supposed to be 5 syllables on the first line, seven on the second line, and five on the third, I thought.


Like this:


Rabble is Babble

Recognize reality

Babble forever.

George Victor

A fellow with a huge lens on his camera, shown in defensive posture in front of a very old maple tree threatened by the chainsaw, a tree he defends because of its beauty as a subject for his camera, tells the reporter he's:

"... not one of those  tree huggers."


Don't hug  trees  today

In defense of nature  seems

Far back is better

George Victor


"It's supposed to be 5 syllables on the first line, seven on the second line, and five on the third, I thought."

Yep, I was getting sloppy.

Does that do it for Hayden and trees? (I think the first one stands)

I'll be careful in future. Thanks for the headsup. I just could not pass up the idea, napkins or no. Some fun in the vale of tears.

George Victor

The Nation has brought about the re-appearance of Tom Hayden, the peace activist who moved with Jane Fonda in the very early days , and who now writes, in "Rage is Good": "...we are moving too rapidly toward economic hell for a socialist ideology to catch up."

Socialism's  slow?

If too late as Hayden says

Let Jane do it again


The second one is good isnt it, it made me laugh anyways.Laughing


Aw, I was just being silly, George.  Of course it doesn't matter one bit.  Who needs rules anyhow? ;)

George Victor

Who needs rules?

People who Babble.

People who pretend to write Haiku. It came first from a people trying to capture nature in thought.Minimalist.  Limiting the form, like a formal garden, is important. Uncluttered is good. (wish I could cast off the English brica brac beginning).

Today, among a hundered other birds feeding:

A redwing blackbird

The first one to return here

Found the food again

George Victor

Heard on the Michael Enright show this A.M., how employees of CHCH are struggling to find investment $ to save the station and meet media's  responsibility to provide the news, local, national and international.


The model is not dead

Help can,should and must be there

For news of our world.


As a followup one listens to "Music that changed the world", and a discussion of music writers of the Depression years, and featuring Jay Gorney and Rudy Vallee singing "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?".

(To the tune of a Polish lullaby from Gorney's childhood).

Anyway, gotta hear Bing's version from 1932....



Something is amiss

Not before has boxing day

Felt hollow as this


I know, I'll look up sunday edition for March 29, 2009 and listen to that uplifting music from 1932.

While promising myself to stop trying for rhyming haiku.



While thumbing his phone
he walks into a lamp post.
Evolution sighs.



Oh that's a winner, alien!