Heart to stone

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Heart to stone

dis shit a month or 2 old but sum1 made it so that I cant come on dis Tongue out

slowly my heart turned to stone/
realized Im all alone in the warzone/

aint nothin more then a kid wit the chrome/
cud get licced in the dome,

aint got a home it was taken/
but if u think that im shakin/

nigga u mistaken, turn pigz into bacon/
n they tracin ya body in chalk/

when I roll by in the whip n I pop/
tryna stay high like the sky real talk/

I awaken forsaken mindz, ones doin time/

for bullshit crimes, see I show u tales unheard of/
where ya get mo time for money then murda/

fucc birdz got my herd up, spurred up, n I ride away/
see look where I stared, mothaland I left it departed/

left it broken hearted, dam I hated to be parted/
but wouldnt have lived if I stayed, the gunz spray/

every day a new body lays, proly someone that I know/
takin puffz off the dro, pop the 4/

n kicc ya door cuz I really wanna go/

but u too scared to put the gun to my head/
niggas say o we in it for the bread/

but really we jus carry dis sense of dread,
cuz we know our numba comin soon/

in the mind of every goon, dis shit real aint no teletoon/
lookin at the moon, playin my tunes,

nigga we didnt have no spoon up in the mouth/

from the global south, u know what we bout,
tryna live survive, even if u gotta ride/

I dont chucc n jive, but ill dive n
contrive/ a way to fire bacc, cuz I aint goin out like that/

itz ya boi gat, n ya already know how I do with the mac/
so step bacc BRAP, RBG light up a tree fight till we free/

some say that u fakin but im only/
retalitatin vs this cold world/

the shotz hurl, make ya spin make ya swirl/
how many homies have I lost,

n they say god is the boss, but ill fight em,

I already tried to write em, he dont listen/
jus want bacc the niggas that im missin/

pourin liquor den im pissin, here u dead/

locced or cookin work in the kitchen/
u dead if u snitchin, n u shook when im spittin/