High Ting

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High Ting

came home from somewhere chopped was on a lyrical tip n I been writin for a minute now lol wow like almost a good 1.5 hours but this the result bunch of dif flows every couple lines


prison floor cmae out this had like the 1st 6 bars on that changed it up wrote more boom a verse


my shitz a work in progress nigga getz better every time :)


archive shit n expand each flow into a verse


Copyrighted U already know and dont talk shit about what the content is


it is what it is Im saving it here im not here to be lectured, insulted, basically

"if u aint been thru it too u aint got no right to tell me what to do"

n wtf is this bitch I put nina in view/
blood pourin across dem shoes/

cuz one of u done snitched/
neva trust dem niggas u knew/

cuz they cud fake it on cue/
n then be runnin they mouth about u/

what I say hold still to be tru/
cuz Im one of the chosen few/

that knew of what they drew/
n now I gotta fuccin clue/

u try n kill me I spill not one but two/
loaded on the side like glue/

Im one of a kind like mew/
yall copy, u n ya crew/

ima threat causin regret like flu/
n ya know that I come from the zoo/

more like the concrete jungle/
jurassic park shit ready to rumble/

the northside team nigga we dont fumble/

hiphop dropped now we got it on locc/
slip n pop, gunnin ya dope spot

yall hit the clocc, cuz I got the scope hot/
u got shot cuz ya was stoned off rocc/

n I tucc my pants in my soccs/
Toronto nigga but we still c da c-walk/

emm hmm n I laugh at u broke thieves/
Ill have on u both knees/

screamin to my gun plz
o jeez dont squeeze/

Seize freeze, stay at ease,
I jus want cheese,

Or bloodz comin out like fleas/

not tryna save the world
n not tryna have no little boiz n girlz

jus lookin out for me n my/

got shots curled
but dont even think they shy/

got her twirled/
n im in sync wit her in her thighs/

nigga I heard u eat the pie/
good thing I neva lit I aint even gonna lie/

n I touch dem thighs, cuz im that guy/
that she want wit her every nigh/

wtf is this bitch get off my shoes
this is for who I spit dem dues

dem restin not adventurin n dem singin dem pentetentiary blues

(/ da ting dat came when niggas were walkin thru the hood)

(- proly end it b4 n make it a 50 bar or some shit ting)


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got her twisted/

n im in sync wit her in her thighs/


(may change last oen to dat)