Just to be....scribbles from within

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Just to be....scribbles from within

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 Just to be, everyday, I play avoidance of reality for a good portion of the day.


My mind hums with thoughts of those who do the same, and with those who do not. With the former I wonder why, no, how they can endure the avoidance better than I. With the latter, I totter between envy and anger. Never quite knowing, or understanding, how they can escape the clutches of reality, as it seems they must.


Then I realize that the dwelling of mine, on the actions, or inactions, of others, is just avoidance on my part too.


Shamefully, we live our little lives playing responsibility avoidance games, mainly by telling ourselves 'nothing can be done, so I have a right to live my little life anyway I want, others do.'


In my mind, at least those who don't know they are avoiding responsibility, in this reality, are not as complicit as those who do know. Are not we, who do know and who do nothing but exist in our bubble, not the truly despicable ones?

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Hurtin Albertan

Nice job.

Is it meant to be spoken word?