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lil ting I wrote dis morning or yesterday I think


added the last line jus now lol



anotha momma went n loss her only child/
me I fit the victim n suspect profile/

jus anotha juvenile a yung nigga that be runnin n gunnin wild/
feedin fiendz till he goes in for the nex while/

b4 they died all my homies did was smile, no matta the situation/
at the station, this or that nation, no matta what we facin/

neva showed no frustration, even when we was starvin, ready to barge in/
tryna live large n itz wit the shotz that Im carvin/

a artist, the smartest, the hardest, the one that neva getz carded/



I presume Jeff House will soon be invited back?


Caissa, please quit trolling.  That has nothing to do with the topic of this thread and you know it.

Do not post in this thread again.


Pardon me? Is this an example of the new moderating style? I asked in another thread whether non-trolls who were banned would be reinstated. I saw someone who I thought had been banned (apparently was only suspended) had been reinstated.  I thought it was a legitimate place to ask my question. I certainly don't consider it to be trolling even under the most generous of definitions. Would you prefer I raise these questions in a Rabble reactions thread?

As for the OP, Plus ca change plus c'est meme chose.


Yes, rabble reactions would be better.  Certainly not the writers' circle.


Thank you Oldgoat, I have done that.

Thread drift? How did Saturday's TO party go?/ end thread drift

Was the OP meant to be a poem, a rap or something else?


rap, like Leonard Cohen's creations, is both poetry and music.  I will emphatically state the I am nowhere near the demographic at which R_P's creations are aimed, but art aint always pretty.


I'm sure the comparison between Cohen and R_P will equally infuriate Cohen fans and R_P.


Saturday night was good.  Downside for me was there was music near where we were sitting, and as a mildly hearing impaired person this made conversation very difficult.  got to meet R_P, Tommy and Rebecca though, which was very cool.


Rexdale, sorry for all the thread drift.  You write from the heart.


R_P showed up? Hey that's good!


Stargazer, in the spirit of the thread, could you express that as a Haiku?

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who's leonard cohen heard the name but I dont think Im like him If Idk who/what he is.


N My shit is getting better just all on paper u already know.


"mildly hearing impaired"...

I'll have to remember that one.

note to self: but don't try it out on family. guaranteed to get chorus of rolly eyes, which i can hear too well.