Learn French the fun way with Le COUAC

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martin dufresne
Learn French the fun way with Le COUAC

Now that FRANK has tanked, discover Le COUAC (http://www.lecouac.org), a progressive feminist/anarchist political satire monthly out of Quebec, published ten times per year.
The latest issue to hit Quebec newsstands has articles on the recent access to abortion government kerfuffle, an anarchist-feminist analysis of the prostitution system, daily impressions by a feminist tourist just back from Venezuela, a searing commentary about Bernie Ecclestone's Nazi nostalgia, a report on the Anishinabe community blockading a dump site in Northern Ontario, a Montreal community mural project honouring Canada's disappearing Native women, the latest news about our government's harassment of refugees, thoughts about the Pittsburgh killer's quest for a trophy wife or else, reviews of recent cutting-edge films, comic strips, records and books, and much, much more.

What better way to practice your French than digging in every month to eight pages of provocative and insightful social commentary (and cartoons!) by some of our most in-your-face female and male activists, including yours truly?!... (Would you rather get your Quebec news from toddsschneider, Margaret Wente or the National Pest! :-( )

Subscriptions are a steal at $35 all-inclusive for 10 advertisement-free issues lobbed on your doorstep. Please make your cheque out to Le COUAC, 6940 rue Jogues, Montréal, Qc H4E 2Z8 CANADA. (And feel free to pass this on, including your local librarian.)