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Oh you may sputter and scoff
That a limerick on babble is off
But it's the only poetical style
Which captures our wit and our guile
(And Drupal's occasional cough.)

Your turn!

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(bumpity bump bump bump
bum-bump bum-bump bum-bump
bump bumpity bump
bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump)

Jacob Two-Two

A woman at work once told me that she was entering a limerick contest that had a cruise to Sydney Australia as the prize, and had to use the words "Sydney" and "cruise" in it. She asked if I could help her come up with something. To my surprise I wrote this in my mind almost immediately and thought it was rather brilliant:

There was a young fellow from Sydney
who learned a good lesson, now didn't he?
While on a free cruise
he woke up from a snooze
in a bathtub of ice with no kidney.

Strangely, she didn't like it.

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Superb, Jacob. And evocative.

Sidney wanted to write a limerick
But found that the meter would stick
She started to stutter
And forget to rhyme. But her
Worries made her poetry click.

These are of course much too clean. Any babblers from Nantucket?


Well, since you asked -- there`s a very old joke about a woman who just heard the world's filthiest limerick staggering home in shock. She says to her husband, ``OMG`, I just heard the filthiest limerick in the world! It`s so vile it can never be repeated.`` Her stay-at-home husband says "You can tell it to me, can't you?" She says, "No, it's too disgusting, too many dirty words!". So he says "Just say "dash" for the dirty words -- I'm sure I can deal with it." So she recites the limerick for him:

Dash - dash - dash - dash - dash - dash -dash -dash,

Dash - dash - dash - dash - dash - dash -dash -dash,

Dash - dash - dash - dash - dash,

Dash - dash - dash - dash - dash,

Dash - dash - dash - dash - dash - dash -dash - fuck.


Some wordy types wishing to dabble
In lefty chat, landed on babble,
"It's the scourge of the right!"
They exclaimed with delight,
And instantly gave up on scrabble.


O.K I'm gonna first one ever and only took about a half an hour, lol. aheeeem

There once was a man named Kenney,
His intellect worth nought a penney,
So when he likened his ally to anus,
Over a slight he considered heinous,
We laughed a time or twenty.