o shit 2 languages now cuz

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o shit 2 languages now cuz

hon pardesi ho gaye/

kee karyea naa dareya/


naal lariye, teemee noo fariye/

bundook layke kerieh/


uh what tha mean, we outsiders/

still gootta be riders, cant be no hiders/


bangin with the choppaz like alqaeda/

cant be scared, nigga ima take my girl cuz she be right therez/


take my gun n make a stand, for my clan/

n my honor as my man, BAM/


now ya head popped off, hood at war bodies dropped off/

n I spit fire off the top, on the spot gettin raided/


but we blazin stay faded, n jaded, u fake like the book of david/

like ice cube I aint want no cave bitch, tryna get rich without a hitch/


but fucca snitch, tryna get the power, at my niggas graves layin flowers/

better off in the game cookin flour, then makin 8 an hour, bein split like a router/


fucc that lol Im better but thats off the top n I needed somewhere to write it down

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so manz jus stay wit the powder


or it wouldnt rhyme at the end lol