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Poets' Corner

On most forums I have seen there was a thread where poets could post their poems. Most of them were lively and popular. I have not seen one on Babble, so I thought I would start one to see if Babble poets will want to participate.


I will start it off with one of my own:



The pale, pastel-pink globe,
embraced by jaunty rings,
on a vast, star-studded sky,
drifted, slowly,
across my viewfinder.

…Earth slowly rotated
under my feet,
summer-dawn breeze
gently ruffled my hair…

Saturn was there, immutable,
following its path of causes and effects,
and I thought of Galileo,
who laboured over a block of glass,
grinding it into a lens,
to behold the same planet…

…and, through a gap of four hundred years,
he and I
looked into each other's eyes.


Passion and mission

Broken people of the world

This is all we have.


PS: I like yours lots better - but I think you're a poet!



Thank you, Unionist. Everybody who writes a poem is a poet. I have been writing poems all my life, but I also had to have a day job to live on. I have only published one collection recently and that doesn't make me a "Professional Poet".

I hope more babblers who write/enjoy poetry will contribute to this thread -- it could be a good place to give each other feedback and enjoy reading oeach other's poetry.

As I just enjoyed your Haiku!


Here is another of mine, hopefully it will inspire other contributors!

Soap on a rope

Earth is like a soap on a rope
twirled around by the sun,
year after year,
in an endless run.

I wonder if the sun is aware
how sick, how beyond hope
how badly infested by us
this poor globe is at the end of the rope.

If I were the sun
I would not want to know…
…I would open my hand;
let the poor bastards go.