Sellin Dope My version cuz

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Sellin Dope My version cuz

sell smoke for a livin
coke what im givin

never unforgiven

thas jus life round my land
they tryna take every dime out my hand

but we gotta fight, band, take a stand
do my duty as a man, reppin for my famz

but it cant, go on like this
girls bein fiends ya cant kiss

I sip henny, fucc kris n diamonds
blood of my ppl got them shinin

they rapin girls tearin hymens
wnat poccets deep like Im minin

judges hit ya up wit mad time when
all we got to was where the dime went

man Im spent lifez all bent
I jus need a place to vent

for they crimes Ima make them repent
I said it then thas what I meant

all day on the grind spittin my rhyme
get a rush when I bust mine

may only be a nine but 1 shot cracc ya spine
leave ya dien, like my motha her children marched in a line

freedom co-written n signed, is you blind?
free ya mind, ull find that I rep for my kind

only walk forward dont look behind



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someone if you know how get me instrumental for this lol I would rip it apart