What Im Thinkin

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What Im Thinkin

im here thinkin, my niggas is sinkin/
im drinkin, roll up n now im winkin/

im sittin here rappin, niggas bacc attacin/
strappin, go by the name of gat/

fucc this rap, shit, cuz im real dont spit no wacc shit/
so I wont make shit in this industry, r ya feelin me/

this from the heart, so always 1 in the chart/
50 said dat almost 10 years ago, but u still gotta rexpect dis flow/

nigga do u wanna have a go?, come spit lets see what u writ/
ill give u a chance, but dont put out no soulja bitch dance/

nigga I dont talk, c-walk it, clip top it, hit like a roccet/
but still RBG, rep for my family, n I aint talkin bout brothas n sistas/

well yea I am but anotha one, cuz u know bacc our motha she the same one/
the one that shaped like a pregnant lady, nigga these fedz wanna spray me/

why cuz im an intelleigent blacc baby, migh have a shit ass mic/
but still here where niggas slang dat white/

aint gonna speak on wat im doin, jus know takin a bite im chewin/
migh c time for it, but still gotta chop dimes do crime for it/

n u gotta talk bout the niggas that fell, cuz aint like we doin well/
livin where life like hell, peace to my niggas lyin in a early grave/

yall was brave, tryna save, n me im here im alive nigga northside/
where we ride lef side, n u know ima keep goin flowin/

till the whites of my eyes jus showin/
nigga who r u, u come around here, to the crew like u mean somethin/

but real talk u aint done nothin, stop frontin/
so how u gonna come around here expect repz/

from the land of the tecz, where we ride on the lef/
n enuff have died, seen der mamaz cry/

it a endless struggle, craccas livin in a bubble dont see it/
try n show it they ignore it, nigga they deplore it/

abhorr it, what r we supposed to do, posted wit the crew hustlin on the avenue/
buss a 22, for a fo fifth extra clipz hollow tipz, comin n they rip/

need a way to express myself, make use of the hand been dealt/
cuz real talk my soul aint in no good health/



still real talk