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[url=Famed"> Roswell UFO crash involved 2 alien spacecraft, not one,[/url] as long believed After 65 years, a new witness has stepped forward claiming that the first flying saucer that landed in the desert was actually shot down by the U.S. military. The second crashed while on a recovery mission, lieutenant colonel says. 

Richard French wrote:
“We think that the reason they were in there at that time was to try and recover parts and any survivors of the first crash,” he told the Huffington Post. “I'm [referring to] the people from outer space — the guys whose UFO it was."

I'm not making this stuff up just reporting what I read with my own eyes. Roswell 1947. Did it happen? Why four completely different stories from U.S. Government? Were they crashed saucers as so many eye witnesses and former government officials have stated over the last 65 years?


Journalists who shun UFO reports fail readers

Bill Wickersham wrote:
Given the life-changing potential and consequences of the UFO/ET problem, and because it has primarily been subject to sensational tabloid journalism, it is essential that local, national and international journalists seriously perform the duties and responsibilities required by the mission and ethics of their indispensable profession. For the past 60-plus years, the mainstream media have either ignored or ridiculed what might be the biggest story of human history.

Would lapdog newz media neglect to report the biggest story of the millenium? Since when does lapdog newz media neglect to inform us of the important stuff? It's inconceivable!

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9/11 was likely an alien attack designed to get humans killing each other in preparation for the big invasion.



kropotkin1951 wrote:

9/11 was likely an alien attack designed to get humans killing each other in preparation for the big invasion.


Like Wikersham says, that is a comment line worthy of tabloid news. "The invasion" has already happened with Wall Street bankers having sucked out Obama's brain and are pretty much running the western world into the ground in preparation for the big takeover from Mars. ... Ha! And I bet you'd have no trouble believing the NDP are aliens from Mars. lol!

Meanwhile there have been interesting stories not reported by lapdog newz media while Obama goes down as the president jailing more whistleblowers than all other U.S. prezidents in U.S. history combined. Woof!

I tend to be more interested in what ordinary Americans and Canadians have to say on the matter not their lying-liar governments who couldn't keep their stories straight about Roswell or very much of anything else after 1947.

The real question is easily explained away by so-called skeptics, and that is: How could a government keep a lid on a secret this big?

Where is there any evidence that governments might be able to maintain such a secret, you might ask in your usual bashful manner?