Canadian Blood Services promotes bloodtype woo

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Canadian Blood Services promotes bloodtype woo

Larry Moran has the 411.

[url= on Canadian Blood Services[/url]

bagkitty bagkitty's picture

Oh, he should have dug a little deeper. Don't neglect the "indefinite deferral" information on CBS's website:

All men who have had sex with another man, even once, since 1977 are indefinitely deferred. This is based on current scientific knowledge and statistical information that shows that men who have had sex with other men are at greater risk for HIV/AIDS infection than other people.

[emphasis added]

'Cause everyone knows that even once, 34 years ago, means you have the mark of the beast imprinted on you... even if one has been tested for HIV and received (multiple) negative test results over a prolonged period of time and/or been diligent in following safe-sex practices and/or is involved in a strictly monogamous relationship and/or has been celibate for any part of this period. Current [s]scientific knowledge[/s] dogma seems to indicate that other people are not a risk after a period of less than 34 years if they test negative, but teh gays (okay it doesn't say teh gays, it says men having sex with men, but what is a cute turn of phrase amongst friends) most definitely are. Be afraid, we are out to pollute the precious bodily fluids of other people.


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Just sent an email and made a phone call to complain about the blood type astrology horseshit.  I agree with you, bagkitty, their other restriction is not based in reason at all.  But recruiting through superstition?  Further idiocy.