Canadian site selling disinfectant as 'miracle' cleanse shut down

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Canadian site selling disinfectant as 'miracle' cleanse shut down

Health Canada has shut down a Calgary website selling an industrial disinfectant as a controversial miracle toxin cleanse after three bad reactions, including one “life-threatening” one.

Sodium chlorite, the active ingredient in Miracle Mineral Solution or Miracle Mineral Supplement, is illegal for human consumption in Canada, Health Canada said Wednesday.

The chemical, allowed in Canada for use by veterinarians and as a disinfectant, can cause poisoning, kidney failure and harm to red blood cells, Health Canada said.

The government agency shut down the website, which had been selling a 28 per cent sodium chlorite solution “as a substance that can cleanse toxins from the human body,” Health Canada said.

A man at Stanley Challenge in Calgary, which ran the online MMS store, defended MMS because “it genuinely helps a lot of people” based on his own experience and testimonials.

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To flesh this out, sodium chlorite is bleach.  These charlatans were selling people concentrated laundry bleach to gargle and drink.

String them up by their thumbs and leave them in the sun.


or better yet, stuff em full of bleach!  a "taste of their own medicine" literally!


To be more specific, it's a particularly stronger bleach than the hypochlorite used in homes. More of an industrial bleach really.


Wow, that's going to burn more then cleans. It almost sounds like a nasty prank on people who like to use alternative medicine.


A high school friend of my sister's had a crazy brother who joined some sort of cult that believed in cleansing your sins by drinking hydrogen peroxide. This certainly wouldn't be the first scam of its kind.


It's unfortunately no less harmful than homeopathy, chiropracty, or my dad's attending cardiologist who told him to undergo chelation therapy for his angina, delaying implantation of a stent.  I understand laypeople that don't grok the scientific method but when actual medical doctors don't understand medicine I get worried. I have a friend who found out after many years that her GP was actually a part time reflexologist.