Cell Phones And Cancer: The Risk Is Real

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M. Spector wrote:
I hope you weren't, because that would be almost as ridiculous as what you were suggesting. If a heavy cell phone user "just so happens" to develop any medical condtion - be it athlete's foot, Ménière's disease, or psoriasis - there would be no reason to believe that the condition resulted from the use of cell phones, unless it could be shown scientifically how the non-ionizing radiation associated with cell phones can cause such things. The absence of such scientific evidence doesn't give cause for "certainty" either way - but scientific skepticism is certainly justified.

Well you are wrong again according to one of the world's foremost experts on DNA, Dr. Henry Lai. 

Genetic Effects of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Fields


Top: A comet assay of a normal cell shows little DNA damage. Bottom: The same assay of cells exposed to microwave radiation shows "tails" of damaged DNA. Images courtesy of Henry Lai.

DNA breakage = not good.

Lai and Singh pioneered the comet assay. After studying the effects of microwave radiation on DNA, Motorola proceeded to lobby the NIH to cut Lai's research funding. Now why would private enterprising jackals go and do a thing like that? I ask you.


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