Keyboard Reform

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ilha formosa
Keyboard Reform

Let the mass movement to switch the position of the "backspace" key with the "caps lock" key on all future keyboards begin here!!!
My right pinky finger is not that long!!!
Bad typists UNITE!!! The revolution starts here!!!

ilha formosa

Know your history and awaken from your shackles!!!

The current position of the "caps lock" key comes from the day when archaic technology called "typewriters" were used!

Away with this tradition!!! It serves us no longer!!!


Pinky finger? For typing? Personally I use my index fingers to poke the keyboard with disdain while leaving my pinky finger for sweeping ashes and potato chip crumbs from my chest as I hurtle through cyber space on my recliner.

What is typing?


I'd like all babblers keys to be reprogrammed as spacebar and delete for one week.

Ah, the serenity!

Ah, the other parts of life!



I use two fingers; that solves the problem for me.


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What's a capslock? My keyboard doesn't have one. Here's a webcam photo:

ilha formosa

Capslock is the key that locks the capitalists on your keyboard. The old position for it on typewriters (big clunky mechanical machines like in the picture above - anyone remember how the black part of the ribbon would always run out before the red, what a waste!) was above the left 'shift' key, to lock it in mechanically with a 'click!' and the whole carriage would be in a slightly higher position (laugh if you want young ones) so a different part of the typeset would hit the paper through the ribbon. What the hell am I talking about?

Swiftkey looks irritating, like a person who tries to complete your every sentence before you finish it, who wants to live with that?

I'm figuring it out. I do a lot of highlighting and deleting, so with my left hand I hold the left click button and my right hand directs the cursor on the screen. Then to delete I have to use my right hand to go waaay up to the top right corner of my keyboard and hit either delete or backspace (and both those keys are right beside each other, how redundant). For some reason my left hand feels more free at that point, is it just psychological? I tried reaching over and hitting the backspace key with my left hand like frikkin Liberace, didn't like that technique. So now I'm trying to use my mouse pad with my left hand more. I think this is good brain exercise; maybe it will help keep Alzheimer's at bay.

Touchscreen highlighting would be nice. Except for the environmental damage as everyone throws their old machines out, resources getting mined and shipped to China, and containers full of new machines shipped back across the oceans. How about re-routing a couple circuits on my current keyboard?


Omnitouch The 'keyboard anywhere anytime' look

The future is rushing toward us

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I have an electric typewriter in my office, but don't use it often.


ilha formosa wrote:

 I tried reaching over and hitting the backspace key with my left hand like frikkin Liberace, didn't like that technique.

That made me laugh, especially since I'm old enough to remember him. But I found a page that talks about this, including a small program you could install to remap the keyboard keys.

ilha formosa

Totally awesome info! I'm not tech-confident enough to try re-mapping on my own, at least not yet, but it's great to know these options exist. Thanks!!!

I'd like to find a program that can change some of the F keys to French letters with accents.

Maybe I should do all this while there's still such thing as free software. ACTA is such dirty policy-making.