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Mini Maker Faire Mini Documentary:

Held at Evergreen Brickworks, the Toronto Mini Maker Faire celebrated the culture of making, crafting, DIY-ing, tinkering, hacking and sharing. It was a weekend where makers of all kinds shared their projects and thoughts. Exhibits on display included robots, laser cutting, letterpress printing, a 3D print gallery and kinetic sculptures.

This film is about that question. It is about the relationship between people and technology and how they merge through the act of making. Call it “craft in an age of digital fabrication”. 

As intangible information starts to materialize, either as printed plastic objects or foldable paper keepsakes – as the 'digital' becomes 'physical' – doing it by hand is no longer merely the 'traditional' way of making things.

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Sounds interesting, azeelie, thanks! And welcome to babble.

I'm not much of a digital maker, but I make: beer, yogourt, bread, jam, cider, pickles and whoopie.