Solar power

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Doug Woodard
Solar power


Doug Woodard

Panasonic has produced the world's most efficient rooftop solar panel with 22.5 % module efficiency


Doug Woodard

Desert tower raises Chile's solar power ambition to new heights:



Doug Woodard

How sun, salt and glass could help solve our energy needs:


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Here are the top 20 U.S. cities for solar power

With the Trump administration targeting various government clean energy programs, we can think of no better time to celebrate the U.S. cities with the most installed solar energy.

A new report found the country has made some serious solar strides in 2016, particularly in 20 cities across the country.

America's "shining cities" helped the country attain 42,000 megawatts of solar energy capacity by the end of 2016 — enough energy to power 8.3 million average homes and slash annual carbon emissions by 52.3 million metric tons, the Frontier Group and the Environment America Research and Policy Center reported.....


In Arizona homeowners complain about $1,000 a month electricity bills for their A/C in summer, but they don't make efforts to convert to solar - how dumb can they be?

The world’s most unlikely solar farms

Solar energy has become so accessible that new farms are being switched on in the most unexpected places – including in the depths of the Alaskan winter.