Space: what's Not out there

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Space: what's Not out there



everything and nothing


"All this talk about space travel is utter bilge, really." - Richard Woolley, 1956

Ricky Woolley ain't never been in space. Narp.


And the purpose of this thread would be ...?


Geez Rebecca, ever since you became a mod....

I mean, if you're going to get all squishy about 'purpose' you can just move the thing to babble banter. Wink


have to admit, i'm wondering what the point of this was as well...was kinda hoping it was a heated discussion about religion.

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Space: what's Not out there:


Saddly, tribbles.


Concrete evidence of other life in the universe 


(at least not yet)

Rev Pesky

'Space' is kind of a subjective term. How far away is space? Who knows. I do know this, from Earth to Mars (all depending time of year and position of the two planets) is about 100,000,000 km's (bear in mind that varies a lot). Using that figure, Mars is about 6 light minutes from earth. The distance from earth to the next nearest star (after Sol), is roughly 377,000 times further than the distance from Earth to Mars.

I guess technically humans have been in 'space', if one assumes 'space' to begin where the Earth's atmoshphere ends, but the distances in 'space' are so great, and the distances humans have travelled in it so small comparatively, that I think it's probably okay to say humans haven't yet reached 'space'.