White Space Sensor Development

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White Space Sensor Development

White space has the advantage that low frequency signals can travel longer distances. The technology is well suited to provide low cost connectivity to rural communities with poor telecommunications infrastructure, and for expanding coverage of wireless broadband in densely populated urban areas. See: Announcing a new TV White Spaces trial in South Africa

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As most know I have had some issue about the spectrum's and allocations given for the auction of those White Spaces.


White space in telecommunications refers to unused frequencies in the radio waves portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Currently a proposal was borne in mind about the potential for broadcasts systems established in our institutes for higher learning. This was to be able to broadcast lectures when given in these institutions by visiting dignitaries,  amongst the collegiate campus. This format when established, can be modeled to help produce rural connectivity amongst rural communities, and an established frequency for all aspects of educational learning. Access to libraries,  free of charge using the White space spectrum.

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Part of this development is the need for being able to not infringe on existing frequencies and to establish sensors that will help navigate in between the allocated and auctioned.

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