Advocacy group plans to file health and safety complaint against Flynt Publications (California)

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Advocacy group plans to file health and safety complaint against Flynt Publications (California)


An advocacy group that has been campaigning for more government protections for porn performers plans to file a complaint Thursday against mega-producer Larry Flynt Publications, publisher of Hustler.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a Los Angeles-based group that has advocated for condom use and increased testing among porn performers, plans to file a worker safety complaint with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

The group takes issue with film shoots that depict sexual acts without condom usage, which the group said is unsafe and potentially life-threatening.

The group plans to submit 100 adult entertainment DVDs along with their complaint to the state agency.

The nonprofit foundation has been campaigning for increased regulation since a 2004 HIV outbreak among performers in the San Fernando Valley.

According to Los Angeles County public health officials, since 2004, at least eight people were employed in the adult film industry at the time of their HIV diagnoses. Four of those people are confirmed to have been infected during an adult-film production. Officials also said that as many as a quarter of porn performers are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease in any given year.

In March, the group persuaded state health officials to form an advisory panel to consider adding protections, including requiring performers to use condoms.

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This is a very good approach.   Hopefully coming at it from this POV will be a good thing.


In New Zealand, which has an extensive Occupational Health and Safety protocol for sex workers, it mandates condom use for oral sex as well as the more obvious vaginal and anal.     Alot of people no doubt do not know that most long term sex workers only provide covered oral sex (bjs), where as the typical civilian in a casual or ongoing sexual relationship has a hard time putting a confom on for vaginal sex.  


Globe and Mail (from AP): [url= porn studios close down after actor tests positive for HIV[/url]



A leading producer of pornography says at least five companies have halted production in Southern California's multibillion-dollar adult entertainment industry after an actor tested positive for HIV.

The actor's identity and gender have not been released by the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, the clinic where the case was discovered.

Vivid Entertainment Group founder Steven Hirsch says at least five companies have shut down production as the industry awaits more news and testing. More companies are expected to follow suit.

Hirsch would not name the other companies.

Vivid and Wicked Pictures on Tuesday announced production halts as a precaution to protect actors.

Los Angeles County public health officials and state occupational health officials have said the widespread lack of condom use on porn sets puts performers at risk for contracting HIV and other diseases. Major adult film producers, including Hustler's Larry Flynt, have spoken out against the use of condoms in porn because viewers find them to be a turnoff.

Last year, a woman tested positive for HIV immediately after making an adult film, and in 2004, an HIV outbreak affecting several actors spread panic in the industry and briefly shut down productions at several California studios.

Porn actors are required by law to test negative for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases within 30 days of going to work on a film.

State workplace safety officials at Cal/OSHA are considering strengthening rules designed to prevent transmission of disease through bodily fluids to specify the use of condoms in the adult entertainment industry.

Currently, the same laws that call on health care professionals to wear gloves and other protective barriers when dealing with patients applies to the adult film business, but the laws don't make specific provisions for porn.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein said his organization has been advocating for a tightening of the rules, and the adult entertainment industry and AIM clinic would "do everything in its power to prevent us from knowing who was impacted."


As a prostitute, I really don't get this.  I have worked in escort agencies for many years and NOT using condoms is cause for dismissal.  I have never understood why this is not the standard in making porn movies.  Testing is bullshit.  Everyone knows that it is a false and nonpreventive feel-good gesture.  Making porn is legal.  Where are the employment standards?  Why aren't condoms (dental dams, etc) mandatory?

Mike Stirner

Well in porn you are selling a fantasy for one thing and while many pron stars would prefer condoms they would pretty much only care for it on the vaginal or anal side, lulz at dental dams. Truth is though there will always be those girls or guys who are willing to make the trip to budapest or any other way to go bareback.


Also most sps from what I've seen on terb do not do covered BJs, some even injest.


[url=,0,7550266.stor... TIMES: HIV Positive Performer Speaks Out[/url]