Memorial for Swedish sex worker activist, Petite Jasmine

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susan davis
Memorial for Swedish sex worker activist, Petite Jasmine

Memorial for Swedish sex worker activist, Petite Jasmine and all  sex workers targeted by violence

July 19th, Crab Park Women’s Memorial Site, 6: p.m

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As many now know, Petite Jasmine, Board member of Stockholm’s sex worker organization, Rose Alliance, was tragically murdered by her former husband on July 11th.  Her loss has devastated friends and supporters, who described Jasmine as a fierce activist known for her tremendous commitment to working on behalf of sex worker rights. 

Neither the Stockholm police nor the Swedish government did anything to safeguard Jasmine from her violent husband despite her constant pleas for protection. Rather, the government contributed to her victimization by apprehending her children and turning them over to the former husband whom she had long reported for his abusive behavior. Courageously, she fought the State and the man who eventually killed her and succeeded in winning back partial custody of her children before her death. 

ICRSE, the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe has called on its members organizations, individuals, sex workers and allies to stand together on July 19th to protest Jasmine’s murder together with the recent murder of Dora and the violent attack against Ela and all sex workers worldwide.

Please join us at the Crab Park memorial site to remember and honor Jasmine, Dora, Ela and all sex workers targeted by violence. All are invited to share their thoughts and feelings. Candles will be provided.  

Kerry Porth and Esther Shannon