Sex Industry review boards, working groups?.....

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Sex Industry review boards, working groups?.....

i believe this recommendation the living in community action plan supports the suggested sex industry review board idea


Action 3: Strike a working group including representatives

of City departments, provincial and federal

governments, community members, and sex workers,

to consider ways and means to ensure increased

health and safety of sex workers and prevent sexual

exploitation.Lead organizations:

Vancouver Agreement, in collaboration

with Living in Community development position,
sex workers, and community groups.
All levels of government have an important role to play
in ensuring that policies and practices work to support
the health and safety of sex workers and prevent the
exploitation and abuse of children and youth. This
requires that City departments, including the Vancouver
Police Department, the Drug Policy Office, the Social
Planning Department, and the Housing Centre coordinate
their efforts with other levels of government, community
groups, and sex workers to respond to and address
sexual exploitation prevention and the health and safety
of sex workers.
Neighbourhood Integrated Services Teams (NISTs) bring
together City departments to respond to community concerns
in a more coordinated, effective manner. The current
revitalization of NISTs presents an opportunity to put the
issue of sex work onto their agendas. As well, the City of
Vancouver's Project Civil City, which aims to eliminate
homelessness, aggressive panhandling, and the open-drug
market, may also provide the chance to address some of
the concerns associated with the sex industry throughout
i recently discussed this in a telephone consultation with social planning staff and i feel it would be useful to identify where a group like this could be states that
prevention of exploitation and the health and safety of sex workers should be part of the of the vision and goals.
if it could be tried and tested in vancouver, it could be replicated all over canada.some of our intial ideas as posted in the labour forum.
Regional Government Review Board- The sex industry is a matter of concern for all members of Canadian Society. To ensure transparency and accountability in the sex industry the CAEC propose the formation of a review committee to represent the interests of society at large. The CAEC feel that if representatives from criminal justice, health, government and a sex industry community member were to audit and monitor the activities of the CAEC, we will achieve transparency and accountability for within the sex industry.

  • To ensure transparency and to prevent abuse of Industry Association benefits, CAEC members support the formation of a Regional Government Review Board to ensure ethical industry practices are upheld and the ideals of Canadian Society respected. All CAEC locals and members will allow free access to membership information and proposed activities by the Regional Government Review Board.


  • To abolish exploitation of youth or any person forced to engage in or trafficked into the sex industry.


under confidentiailty


  • For the purposes of Regional Government Review Boards as described above, all information related to CAEC membership and proposed activities will be made available for scrutiny. Members of the Regional Government Review Board will be expected to maintain confidentiality of disclosed information unless it is found to affect the life, health or safety of a person.

Propsed terms of reference for sex industry working groups, review boards,...any ideas on names would be appreciated....



  • to bring together all stakeholders for the purpose of auditing and monitoring activites in the sex industry
  • to create and inclusive process for license application approval and renewal
  • to mobilze government response where required to dangerous or exploitative conditions in the sex industry.
  • to hear complaints from parties engaged in the sex industry and where necessary mediate disputes.
  • to examine propsoed changes to government policies and procedures as related to sex industry workers to ensure harm reduction frame works remain at the forefront.
  • to ensure balanced approaches to any enforcement actions to be taken against the sex industry in particular involving legal and legitimate businesses opertaing in the sex industry.
  • to ensure the principles of the greater public outside of the sex industry are respected.
  • to hear complaints from the greater public in relation to the sex industry or sex industry businesses and where necessary to mediate disputes.

Guiding principles

  • Work towards safety and respect for all sex industry stakeholders regardless of their location within the industry;
  • work towards the eradication of exploitation within the sex industry in particular where youth or trafficked persons are concerned
  • Ensure the inclusion of diverse communities, perspectives, capacities and expertise within the makeup of working group members;
  • Promote progressive thought, forward thinking, and continual positive exchange for the empowerment and education of sex industry stakeholders and the community at large;
  • Keep harm reduction frameworks at the forefront and work toward social justice and social change to increase quality of life for sex industry workers.



  • all levels of government
  • criminal justice/police
  • health department representatives
  • sex industry support services
  • sex industry workers
  • mainstream community outside of sex industry representatives


Group numbers

i would suggest it be a relatively large group- 16 members? in order to ensure no one group capitolizs on the work of the group.

sub committees could take on various tasks individually and report back to the larger group.

minutes would be made public- other than information related the identities of sex industry workers- unless as described above in the case of proof of threat to life or safety of a person.

any comments or ideas?