Wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.....

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Wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.....

here is a link to the independent counsel report to the commission of inquiry ino the missing women. it was very difficult for me to read but i hope that it enlightens people a bit in terms of how sex worker hatred, bias and discimination plays out costing women their lives...

from the report;

This report sets out how discrimination against sex workers, drug users and Aboriginalwomen within the Vancouver Police Department and the Provincial Police Service of theRoyal Canadian Mounted Police enabled the horrific activities of a serial killer during the period of reference from January 23, 1997 to February 5, 2002.This report is divided into five chapters, addressing in turn: (1) discriminatory failure todeploy resources to protect sex workers from known risks to their lives and safety; (2) police investigations were undermined by discriminatory attitudes, bias and stereotypingof victims; (3) police suppression of recognition of a risk of a serial killer of sex workers by means of deception and smear campaigns; (4) factual analysis of the decision of Crown counsel to stay the attempt murder charge against Robert William Pickton inJanuary of 1997; and (5) recommendations for reform.



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Sex is business, trade. That's all. Making criminal, only criminals control women. It is more than discrimination. The police and politicians are criminals!