Please Help Stop BC Library Cuts

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G. Muffin
Please Help Stop BC Library Cuts

It just takes a minute to sign the on line petition about the cuts in
funding to our libraries.  See the website below. You can do more than
simply signing the petition.

Send to your address list if you wish.

The window of influence is very tiny!

The yearly grants to BC public libraries were to have been sent the end
of May--just after the election. They did not show up---nor in June or
July. Of course, the anticipated grants were already incorporated into
library budgets and spent. Instead of the grants, though, they all got
the message that this year's grants and any future ones are not
likely.  The Provincial Government is considering opting out of funding
Public Libraries entirely.  In September, we will get the 'revised budget
cut news' from the Ministry of Education, and, in the meantime, we are
looking at our budget in terms of where to make cuts starting now. These
will be cuts spread over 5 months rather than 3 months ... We are not the
only ones and for Regional Public Libraries Systems it will be even


We don't need libraries, we have the carbon tax.  All will be well, just ask Tzeporah Berman.