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Erik Redburn

Mean Moe wrote:

What happened, I was enjoying your little socialist mutual masturbation session.

Nothing like an echo chamber to reinforce your belief system, it has worked wonders for religion for centuries.


Yeah, me and the other socialists here always agree on everything like all good Stalinist stereotypes, eh Beltov?   lol. 

But if your own understanding of our society is so much more sophisticated then ours (Moe) then how come you're unable to rebutt our arguments or even articulate your own beyond the usual baiting?   Is it because your own faith runs so deep you're not even aware that that is in fact all it is?   Or because your faith in your own beliefs is actually rather lacking?  

FYI I'm not a strict "socialist" personally, at least not in the traditional definitions.  I incline more naturally to anarchic syndicalism (no not the mafia kind) and ecological ludditism.  But technological progress won't be denied till we either learn to control it or it takes us all down with it.  In the meantime heavy industry, billion dollar national programs, and basic policing require some organizational structures and strictures.   The question then is if they're more responsive to democratic needs or elitist greed.  Either way, I'm not going to let my own small ideological differences interfere with the only natural allies we have left.

Erik Redburn

kropotkin1951 wrote:

Mean Moe wrote:

The party must start to advocate for pragmatic policies that are easy to understand, regardless of ideology. I have advocated it in the past, and will again here. On the tax front we should be pushing for a GAI and flat tax w. surtaxes for income over $250k. On the environment we should push for the aforementioned individual solution. And we should be honestly looking at healthcare and only being an insurer. However, ideology and fear of the public service unions prevents many of these progressive, yet pragmatic, polices from even being considered.

Money mouth

Really if you are the true voice of the party when are you going to stop claiming you have anything to do with socialism. Public sector employees bad, individual environmental actions good and lets partner with business. Quite the wining platform.  A formula that has been used by the Liberal party of Canada for generations and they keep winning.  I keep opposing that winning formula federally by voting NDP because it does not lead to progressive change no matter what Ujhal and Bob claim.


Yep, you were quite right the first time Kropotkin, definitely the same neo-con agenda (even old Liberals like Trudeau and Pearson would have blanched at it) as the theoretical other guys.    Just thought this should be displayed prominently again, without as much distracting back-talk on my part.  I won't even go into why it's also harmful to even the modest politcal ambitions to agree with everything the other guys assert...

Mean Moe

Honestly Eric.  You need a "Holiday in Cambodia", or is "BC Uber Alles"?

Erik Redburn

Your innoncent "who me?" comes across as a bit disingenuous Moe, when you insist on referring to me/us using terms usually reserved for fascists.  If you want to discuss what *we* are suggesting, rather than what you would prefer to see, then go ahead.  Any differences can be decided on the convention floor and public arena.


Fidel wrote:

Oh, quiet friends of the Liberal Party just don't say much about the Liberals record in power since 1993 at all.

It's like, crickets and no dial tone. Dead silence, DOA, hush-hush, say no more ... And then it's right back to more frothing at the mouth rabid anti-NDP rhetoric from the weirdest angles. That fourth political party and effective opposition in Ottawa is the root of all evil apparently.

And don't ever refer to them as Liberals or LPC supporters. Because that's like hitting them with a wet paper bag filled with monkey doo apparently. Don't play with the monkeys is a rule of thumb for me nowadays.

I think instead of these passive-aggressive attacks on "some babblers" (because lets face it, we all know who you are referring to - myself, for one), perhaps you should name who you mean and provide quotes to back it up.


And down in Missi...ssauga they say that rattlesnakes don't commit suicide. Who called this meeting?