Premier Gordon Campbell’s future is as bright as Monty Python’s dead parrot – who will take over?

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Premier Gordon Campbell’s future is as bright as Monty Python’s dead parrot – who will take over?

Campbell is obviously finished politically, probably lucky if he doen't go to jail over the BC Rail issue, so of course let's give our political sleaze some additional perks.


Campbell is on the road to where, exactly?
Speculation on Premier Gordon Campbell's future ranges from a role in federal politics to a climate-change posting


ha ha Tongue out


The BC Liberals are going to find someone with as little political baggage as possible. So far the person who seems to best fit that criteria as an outsider is Dianne Watts.

The Conservatives and Green Party also have the potential to introduce a lot of faces who have not been tainted during the last two decades of BC politics..


What ended Campbell's electoral career?

The Harmonized Sales Tax with a 7% hit on consumers about to lift $2 billion a year from their pockets, a fudged budget with a deficit six times larger than promised, the revelations to come from the B.C. Legislature Raid case, the Keystone Kops routine with Solicitor General Kash Heed and allegations of dirty, illegal tricks in the provincial election?


Maybe the BC Liberals should choose Justin Trudeau to be their leader. After all he did live in BC for a bit. Laughing


Of course if Campbell is forced out sometime in the next six months to a year (which is looking more and more likely) - his succesort would have to govern for a couple of years before the next election and would have to make unpopular decisions etc...Diane Watts may have "no political baggage" right now since she has ZERO provincial political experience. But to govern is to choose and if she hypothetically became BC Liberal leader and Premier - she would suddenly starting accumulating MASSIVE amounts of baggage from day 1. She would have to move into a hyper-partisan polarized environment in Victoria where it just isn't good enough to smile a lot and make no tough decisions and where the deep ideological cracks in the BC Liberal coalition will be increasingly hard to paper over.  


Stockholm wrote:
She would have to move into a hyper-partisan polarized environment in Victoria where it just isn't good enough to smile a lot and make no tough decisions

Wow, you finally figured out why Carole James lost the last 2 elections!


She's made plenty of tough decisions that people may or may not agree with. Opposing the so-called carbon tax was a tough decision. Pushing more measures that would increase the number of women in the legisltaure was a tough decision. Pledging to slam the door on all P3s and other underhanded privatization schemes was a tough decision.

People can argue the merits of these decisions - but the point is that Carol James taken controversial policy stances against opposition from some factions in the party....and that's without even being Premier. My point is that it remains be seen how long some supposedly pleasant non-partisan municipal politician like Diane Watts would retain that image if she became premier and had to do fun things like implementing the HST and bringing in savage cuts to health care etc...Things that the rightrwing base of the BC Liberal party would expect and demand.

Anyone can be a popular mayor of a suburb. All you have to do is put in the odd traffic light and make sure the garbage gets collected. Mel Lastman was wildly popular as mayor of North York - he wasn't even able to make the transition from that to being mayor of Toronto, let alone being a provincial party leader (can you imgine??).

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Diane Watts has gone through some pretty rough and tumble politics in Surrey.  I agree that it is another thing again at the provincial level, but if you look at her career there is a lot of hardball politics.


Harcourt and Campbell were both Vancouver mayors and later made the transition to provincial leader. James was a school board chair who made the transition to provincial leader.

If you look at Watts' background, she has been a Surrey councillor since 1996 and was aligned with the long-dominant SME municipal party with Doug McCallum as mayor. Watts then had a falling out with McCallum and his "culture of control and conflict" promising "better co-operation between the city and senior governments to bring more social services into Surrey to deal with homelessness, drug use and crime".

As an independent, when she ran as mayor against incumbent McCallum in 2005 and the SME machine she trounced McCallum and the SME is surprisingly no more. Watt's Surrey First municipal party is now dominant on council and includes some New Democrats (Rasode and Villeneuve). That's a tough feet to achieve. She seems to have been quite effective in bringing outreach workers to Surrey in dealing with the homeless, the anti-grow op inspection program, spear-heading the massive Surrey City Centre development in Whalley (new city hall, library, high-rise condo/office clusters), the annual Surrey Regional Economic Summit (Tony Blair guest speaker this year, Steve Forbes next year), etc.

Watts also seems to be the highest profile mayor in Metro Vancouver (unusual as it has always been Vancouver's mayor) and comes across quite well on TV. That said, her car accident a few weeks ago suggests that she may take a breather in her public life - "Watts says she normally goes a hundred miles an hour and sometimes she says you don't get to stop and really live life. That's the most significant lesson she's taken away from the ordeal." Anything about Watts going provincial is just speculation and conjecture at this point.

Frankly, if Watts ran for and won the NDP leadership, I'd wager that she would take NDP polling numbers to historical highs - perhaps toward 60%.

Mean Moe

Watts has hinted at the fact that she wants more time with her family, since her car accident. My guess is she will sit this one out. However that is incidental as the next leader will be Rita II. No matter whom assumes the leadership. The BC Liberal coalition is broken and will not repair it's self for at least 2 election cycles.  You can't fight history.

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Campbell did his job after all. He managed to keep out the NDP and the socialist barbarians. And, from the right wing point of view, that's the main thing.

I predict a very cushy posting with an enormous salary for his "great" contribution to public service.


[url=]Thousands pack B.C. premier's goodbye lunch[/url]

VANCOUVER -- It was a love-in of Olympic proportions.

A thousand businesspeople and politicians packed the Vancouver Convention Centre Friday and the cauldron burned outside for Premier Gordon Campbell’s Board of Trade farewell lunch.

“We will all miss you,” said Canaccord Capital chairman Peter Brown, Campbell’s stockbroker. “We owe you and your family a debt we cannot repay.” [...]

Campbell denied failed efforts to solve child poverty or the corrupt sale of BC Rail were mistakes.

Worst child poverty rates in the country and [url= numbers prove BC Liberals driving without steering wheel[/url]. Campbell will be his big bizness friends. Good riddance!