"Stop broadcasting the Calgary Stampede" - Humane Society of Canada

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How long are they going to allow this to go on? This same sort of thing happens every year. When is enough enough? When will people demand "entertainment" that doesn't involve animals dying violently for their amusement?

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You're kidding yourself if you think this will ever end. P&P just had someone on who said these chuck wagon horses are former thoroughbreds who would be sent to slaughter if not for the chuckwagon races. They'll find a way to justify everything you hate about the races or the Stampede in general. "It's good for the economy" "It brings tourists to the city" "The horse would be slaughtered if it wasn't for the races"... and on and on. It's all bullshit of course... or should I say horse manure?

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Comment on CBC this morning: "These are sporting competitions. Who are the athletes? The horses. What other athletic competition allows multiple injuries and deaths every time they meet? None."


I think the anticipation of the crash is part of the amusement for fans, though, right? Like people watch NASCAR races and hope for a fiery explosion


[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/stampede-chuckwagon-incidents-resu... chuckwagon incidents result in hurt man, dead horse[/url]



Yeah, its odd that this sort of thing gets network tv coverage, but they'll never do play by play inside a slaughterhouse.