Vancouverites indifferent to plight of prostitutes

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martin dufresne
Vancouverites indifferent to plight of prostitutes

A strong article by Mark Hasiuk, published on December 12 in the Vancouver Courier.


Sixty-five de facto brothels--officially known to the city as
"health enhancement centres"--operate unfettered in Vancouver. (They
pay a $217 yearly business licence penance to city hall.) An unknown
number of underground brothels, which rely heavily on human
trafficking, operate in private residences and businesses around the

Pimps and gangs rule the industry. Women, mainly uneducated
immigrants, are often duped or blackmailed into prostitution. They are
physically and mentally abused. They live a tortured existence.

And most people don't care.

Why? Racism, perhaps.

If Vancouver brothels were filled with blue-eyed girls from Maple Ridge, (Mayor Greg) Robertson would pay attention. (...)

Read the full story here.

martin dufresne

Check out on Rabble a podcast of a 15-minute interview done by Redeye community radio with Indian activist Indrani Sinha, who founded the organization Sanlaap 21 years ago in the Kolkatta region of
West Bengal to combat prostitution and violence against women and
children. She visited Canada recently.