CAS says children should not be involved in G20

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Sky Captain wrote:

One can keep on doing the same thing, and get the same result, like most of the left does. I've just shown a better way forward; it's up to the others if the want to pay heed to the wise teachings, or to throw it away like garbage.

Actually, you haven't shown doodley-squat; you can't even be bothered to paraphrase this yanqui scribbling you reference so reverently. Instead you repeatedly give us your views on some phantom 'left' that you hold in contempt - for reasons you can't seem to enunciate.

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At least we now know that Sky Captain actually doesn't approve of public demonstrations, or the "left", and all this chatter that he has been purveying on this thread for the "sake of the children" was little more than cynical manipulation of child safety issue for purely political reasons, and nothing at all to do with protecting children.

He was just using that as an emotional wedge issue.

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And your 'concern' for the kids 'victimized' by CAS is just hatred of an organization set up to help them simply because you disagree with what they say. Kind of like 'Suppose you were an unreasoning zelot who could not see a different way of doing something. And suppose you were a member of Babble. But, I repeat myself.' (in response to the quote of Martin Niemöller said by you above, and with apologies to Mark Twain.)

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Based on what supposition? You entered this discussion with a great big faux argument based in your "think of the children" rhetoric that had nothing to do with anything you really care about. It was just senseless left bashing. obviously, now we see, because you disagree with public demonstration. You can't even prove that public demonstrations hurt children.

Not one case, where you can show that children were put in harms way, yet alone harmed. All this cynical manipulation shows precisely how hypocritical and deceitful you really are.

Fine. You don't like the "left". And fine "public demonstration" offends you. Fine. You are entitled to your opinions, but please don't drag in other peoples children into your personal issues with the left, as if you really care. Its truly disgusting.

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How the German people used demonstration to end the euthanasia program against the disabled during WW2:

By August the protests had spread to Bavaria. According to Gitta Sereny, Hitler himself was jeered by an angry crowd at Hof - the only time he was opposed in public during his 12 years of rule. Despite his private fury, Hitler knew that he could not afford a confrontation with the Church at a time when Germany was engaged in a life-and-death war, a belief which was reinforced by the advice of Goebbels, Martin Bormann, head of the Party Chancellery, and Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS. Robert Lifton writes: "Nazi leaders faced the prospect of either having to imprison prominent, highly admired clergymen and other protesters - a course with consequences in terms of adverse public reaction they greatly feared - or else end the program." Himmler said: "If operation T4 had been entrusted to the SS, things would have happened differently", because "when the Führer entrusts us with a job, we know how to deal with it correctly, without causing useless uproar among the people."

On 24 August 1941 Hitler ordered the cancellation of the T4 program...

Suck on it Sky Captain...


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Unionist wrote:

What about those irresponsible people in Europe of the 30s and 40s who persisted in having Jewish children, rather than converting, escaping, practising birth control, etc.? Not blaming them for being Jewish, but you know, their timing could have been better.


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Closing for length.


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