"Fartsalot" author kicked out of class reading by principal

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"Fartsalot" author kicked out of class reading by principal

Too funny.  I'd hate for this principal to read one of my son's favourite books: Zombie Butts from Uranus.


The author of a series of cheeky children's books was stunned this week to find his book reading at an Ottawa school suddenly cut short, after the principal objected to what she thought was inappropriate language used in the book.

Kevin Bolger, the author of the kids favourite "Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger," was asked to leave Ottawa's Manor Park elementary school after the principal walked in on a reading from his new novel "Zombiekins."

When the principal heard Bolger talking about a character in the book named "Mrs. Imavitch," she ended the reading, saying the language was not appropriate in her school.

But the Ottawa-based author believes the principal may have misunderstood.

The character Mrs. Imavitch is depicted in the story as a witch who has a heavy Transylvanian accent. But it appears the principal thought the name was a play on another word that rhymes with "witch."