FREE Writing Workshops open to anyone (16 -29) who self-identifies as a Muslim woman

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FREE Writing Workshops open to anyone (16 -29) who self-identifies as a Muslim woman


AQSAzine Workshop Series Presents: FREE Writing Workshops!

FREE: All workshops absolutely FREE! TTC, light supper and materials provided!

NOVEMBER 2nd, 9th and 16th MONDAY evenings 6 - 9 pm
Downtown, wheelchair accessible. Email us for the details

The workshops are open to anyone (16 -29) who self-identifies as a Muslim woman. Whether you are practicing or non-practicing, culturally, politically, spiritually or religiously identify as a Muslim person, are Sunni, Shi'a, Ismaili, Ahmadiyya, Sufi, or another denomination. AQSAzine strives to work from an anti oppressive, anti-racist, queer and trans positive framework.

This three-part workshop series will use poetry, prose and spoken word to explore issues that affect us as Muslim young women. Through guided prompts, under the theme "My Islam", we will use our pens and our voices to locate these issues in our everyday experiences and to explore the various layers of our complex identities. There will also be opportunity to learn editing techniques with the intent of publishing work(s) in upcoming print and online issues of AQSAzine. Participants are encouraged to share with the group and will provide one another with regular peer feedback in the group setting.

The AQSAzine Workshop Series is sponsored by ArtReach Toronto

Pre-registration is required.

Email us at [email protected] . Enrollment limited to 15 participants.

Participate: If you're tired of feeling alone or fragmented...If you get spoken to slowly because you're wearing a hijab...If you get asked why how you could be Muslim and NOT wear a hijab...If you're a steady victim of racial profiling, harassment by police, or "random checks" at airports...If you're constantly having to repeat your name because no one can pronounce it...If you're sick of being told "surely you can't be Muslim AND gay!" We're here for you, and we're LOUD, intellectual, scandalous, curious, hijab wearing, non-hijab wearing, immigrant, sexual, honest, all of it MUSLIM: United by our cause and in our diversity. Join us, won't you?

AQSAzine is a grassroots arts collective of 16-35 year old women and trans people who self-identify as Muslim. Our workshop series will be happening throughout 2009 - 2010. Look out for: spoken word, radio documentary, screen printing, journalism, poetry workshops.

Cannot attend the workshops but want to participate?
Submit to AQSAzine Issue #3
MY ISLAM "because Allah gave you the right to figure it out"


Because you've asked the question "what is my Islam and what does it mean to me?" Because you constantly explore it, navigate it, confront it, take it apart, or even reject it. Because you've been excluded from it. Because you hold it close, embrace it, own it. Because you've been attacked for believing in it. Because you are tired of defending and defining.

Because you feel Islam has been used misused and abused, helping some gain illegitimate power and others rationalize oppression. Because you feel that despite this, it is a quest for humanity and peace of mind, body, soul that is at its core.

Because your Islam is not divisive, violent, or exclusive, it is faithful, accepting, and compassionate. Because you've found that Islam exists in different forms, with various ways to interpret it, talk about it, and perform it. Because you feel these variations are not meant to divide us into sects. Because your Islam is about unity.