Freedom Youth Collective looking for members - Toronto

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Freedom Youth Collective looking for members - Toronto


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Attention youth bloggers, journalists, photographers, writers, community organizers, musicians and artists in Toronto!

Are you tired of depictions of our communities and of youth by the mainstream media?

Do you want hear YOUTH telling our stories about our communities, our lives, our issues?

Freedom Youth Collective (FYC) wants YOU! We are looking for youth bloggers, community organizers, journalists, photographers, musicians and artists that want to share their ideas, stories and images with other youth. FYC wants to showcase the amazing art, music, photographs, writing, videos that youth are creating in the city. We also want to feature pieces about youth doing amazing grassroots work in the city and the issues you care about. The pieces will be featured on FYC website highlighting the leadership, initiative and passion of youth in Toronto.

FYC is a Toronto-based by youth for youth group which aims to use multi-media to increase partnerships and communication amongst our peers in the Greater Toronto Area. We want our stories heard, valued and shared. Our members are youth that are speaking out about issues that concern our lives and our communities . We work to counter negative stereotypes and the underrepresentation of the issues and concerns most important to youth. Youth have meaningful things to say about a wide range of topics, including gender-based violence, racism, poverty, homophobia, jobs, education, violence, policing and housing. FYC is a place make your voice heard.

INTERESTED in participating, partnering, promoting?: Contact Michelle Cho at [email protected] or 416-416.703.6607 x 3.

The FYC is based out of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR). UARR’s mission is to promote a stable and healthy multiracial, multi-ethnic environment in the Metro Toronto community by undertaking educational, research, and advocative activities that promote racial and ethnic harmony.

FYC Partners include:
Asian Arts Freedom School
Black Action Defense Committee/Freedom Cipher Project