Hatefest against Montreal youths after purse-snatching leads to woman's death

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martin dufresne
Hatefest against Montreal youths after purse-snatching leads to woman's death

A 67-yr old woman of Vietnamese origin died Wednesday in Montreal after having been swarmed and hit by three young (15 & 16 yr-old) White purse-snatchers while she awaited a bus in Montreal-Nord. Commenters on the Montreal Gazette website are, predictably, calling for swift and extreme sanctions against these "scumbags" and generally hitting all the RW talking points about how 'justice is failing us'.

Here is a comment I just sent in:

"Like all Montrealers, I am horrified by this crime of course, but I think our grief need not turn into unbridled anger at youths and push deeper into its law-and-order frenzy an already inhumane society.
If we were to focus on other characteristics of the current tragedy, we could focus on the fact that it was Whites who attacked a person of Oriental background Monday evening. This - and therefore some measure of racism - may be a factor in this tragic assault; yet, will commenters insist that we have been too soft on Whites and that they need to be denied their current legislative rights? I doubt it.
We should not be surprised that the court will need to consider whether the assaulters' intent was to kill their victim: this seems quite doubtful at this stage. In comparison however, angry husbands who deliberately kill a wife and/or children are often coddled by media reports and their community as despondent over a possible separation, depressed by the economy, confused by changing gender roles, and other flimsy excuses. Why offer "family men" who premeditate killing more sympathy than juveniles who probably didn't know their own strength? This seems like a very patriarchal standard.
It would be a grievous mistake if our society proved harsher against inexperienced youths that were merely intent on robbery than it is when it comes to stand up to fully cognizant adults driven by misogynist hatred."