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must resist urge to bring up double and triple digit percent tuition increases proposed at the University of Manitoba for next year because we have an NDP government therefore it's okay, or at the very least someone else's fault


Must resist urge to repeat old information concerning which federal governments cut tens of billions of dollars from social programs and core PSE funding in the 1990s. And the other person will no doubt resist all serious attempts to explain how to deal with massive federal downloading since Mulroney, and especially since *Chretien and *Martin.

And I should probably resist the urge to congratulate Manitobans on having one of the lowest costs of living in the country, as well as providing 60% rebates on PSE tuitions for graduates choosing to live and work in Manitoba. And having the lowest unemployment rates in the country is a good sign that Manitoba is a pretty good place to live in spite of the neoliberal voodoo falling down around Canadians' ears today.

Well done Manitoba!


Students who graduate from college and university with high debt loads are putting off buying a house, having children or investing for the future, according to a new report.

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