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My Child's Backpack



A U.S. company has developed a backpack for students which has an anti ballistic panel that will protect (ideally) the wearer from a crazed gunman.


The adult-size bag comes in two styles and contains a 20 oz. ballistic panel similar to those worn by the police and military. It can be worn on the back for protection or held in front of the torso and head as a shield. (Due to a flood of requests, production of a smaller size pack suitable for elementary school children, is also being considered.)

Presently, MJ Safety Solutions is only shipping within the United States, but they have lawyers looking into the intricacies of Canadian distribution. There are certain laws, says Pelonzi, regarding the shipment of ballistic materials across the border, but they are hopeful that within two weeks the customs red tape will be cleared. [url= Child's Backpack[/url]

"O.K., let's see, did you forget anything Kyle? Books, lunch, bullet proof backpack? See you after school dear!


Does it come with a holster for their weapons? What kind of a parent sends their child to school unarmed?

Like eating a wholesome breakfast, children need firepower to help them reach their academic potential.

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Actually, someone should come up with a "Lightening B Gone" backpack. A kid's [b][i]way[/b][/i] more likely to get struck by a bolt of lightening.

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The biggest problems with backpacks, especially in primary grades, is crazed teachers loading it with textbooks.


You're not kidding. Don't even get me started on the homework thing.


Wonder how much weight bullet-proofing adds? When I was in uni, my backpack was already heavy enough that I was considering bringing in a pack mule to carry it for me. I'd wager my math textbook would have stopped a bullet anyway, assuming any postal students would have been kind enough to aim for the backpack.


I remember a few years back, perhaps when I was a teenager or something, they had done studies saying that children's backs were being hurt by their backpacks. The culprit at the time, if I remember correctly, was too many books in the bag, and how, because of the style of the times, kids were carrying their knapsack only slung over one shoulder when they were made to be carried by the whole back (over both shoulders) than just by one shoulder.

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why not just wear a vest?



Why do I get the gut feeling that the editor of CNN has a financial stake in the bullet proof back pack?


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ye Im kidding for the majority of ppl on the forum in the slight chance you get a gunman ducc, dont run around n ducc some more.


edit- unless you strapped too then Laughing