Newsweek & Ottawa - Angry Fathers rear their cute lil' Heads

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martin dufresne
Newsweek & Ottawa - Angry Fathers rear their cute lil' Heads


martin dufresne

Arch-foe of women MP Maurice Vellacott intends to push through this Fall in Ottawa [url=]M483[/url], a private member's bill decreeing mandatory joint custody for all divorces. If the scenario is anything like C-484, this anti-choice activist can count on the support of his Conservative cronies and on that of a lot of right-wing or clueless MPs lulled by the men's-rightists into thinking this one-size fits all formula is a boon for Canadian children.

The current issue of [url=]Newsweek[/url] regurgitates - under the "Rethinking Fathers' Rights" title - a stunning summation of untruths and hyperbole patiently drummed into hearts and minds by the angry men's lobby over the last 30 years.
Here is a sample:


Much of what's wrong with family law today lies in warmed-over stereotypes of men as unsuited to caring for their children. (...)

Despite the fact that divorce is rarely triggered by violence or abuse, the incentives to allege that a man is abusive and out of control are undeniable. They tap into age-old stereotypes about men and ensure that Mom becomes the primary custodian. Even without abuse allegations, simple rules of physics (one child cannot be split into two and two cannot be split into four) make it likely that many good fathers will be downgraded from full-time dads to alternating-weekend carpool dads. They will be asked to pay at least a third of their salaries in child support for that privilege. Simple rules of modern life make it likely that an ex-wife will someday decide that a job or new husband demands a move to a faraway state. At which point the alternating-weekend-carpool dad is again demoted, to a Thanksgivings-if-you're-lucky dad.

The author then goes on to explain that it would be a grievous mistake to judge the fathers' rights movement by the gaggle of kidnappers, child support thieves, batterers and general dorks that constitute its shock troops.
Pathetic! [img]rolleyes.gif" border="0[/img]

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