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Rainbow Hunt

I tried to think of a catchy title but couldn't think of one better than this young person's name. 


When Rainbow Hunt was growing up, he was diagnosed with an intellectual disability. With that kind of label, it's easy for a child to feel isolated, even at schools that believe in truly inclusive education. But that's not what Hunt remembers most when he thinks of growing up and being left out.

Today, as a gay man in the process of becoming a transgender woman, it is his sexual journey that stands out in his memory.

"I was marginalized more because of my sexuality than my disability," he told a class at Ryerson University's school of disability studies this month.

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Thanks for posting this Infosaturated.

Unfortunately, the Toronto Star does not do these issues well.

Why do we shrink from anything to do with the subject? And what does that tell us about ourselves?


I hate this bullshit. When I think about why neo cons hate wishy-washy liberals, this would be one reason that I would understand why. All this fake soul-searching and hand-wringing is such crap. There's hardly any depth re the notion of having sex (which the Star does not point out is different than sexuality). babble has covered the issue way better and with more depth and integrity, thanks to CMOT's previous contributions to the topic.

The one nice thing I can say is The Griffin Centre is great, and I'm glad their name and contact info is in the article.

P.S. To answer the Star's highly fraught hypotheticals:

#1 Because we live in an ableist society, fuckwads!

#2 It tells us everyone has internalized ablelist idea about sex and disability. Since this isn't about non-disabled people, my advice is get over yourselves and get out there and do something.

Wow, I'm crabby this morning. Smile