Teen artists make their mark

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Teen artists make their mark


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(not sure if this is culture or youth - but since it's culture by youth for me the 'youth' was the dominant bit)

[url=http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1129676]Teen artists make their mark[/url]


Called "Making our Mark," the students are designing and painting their view of the community for one of the murals, while capturing what it means to be Metis in the other.

The first mural will be complete this week. It's bold, bright and big, stretching up at least four and a half metres, and incorporates images of nature, recreation, music and theatre.

"We've included a lot of water and a lot of natural environments that we are all a part of growing up in Owen Sound and Grey-Bruce," said Adam Brown, 17, who is also the youth advisor for the project.

"The river is not only a river, but it's also a staff that will include music notes," he added, pointing out the subtleties of the painting.

The United Way-inspired program is unique in that it is teens leading teens, under the supervision of local mural artist Trevor Pfeffer, who considers his role to be more of a foreman than the lead artist.

This should really be titled "why I haven't gotten much work done in July".

There's nothing like having 10 or so teens, at any given time, 'creating' in your work space.

It's been a wonderful experience and today is the unveiling.

I'm a little disappointed with the CBC. They called to see if "there was a story here" and spoke to our lead youth. They never called back, I guess they felt there was no story.

But there's a significant story here and the images are amazing.

I've taken lots of pictures and hope to upload to my Flickr pages later this morning, so stay tuned! (Those on Facebook can search groups for "Making Our Mark")

A week ago Friday my staff came back to the back of the building where my office and the mural are, to find me painting - if you can't beat them - join them. [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]


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