upcoming youth conference in Toronto

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upcoming youth conference in Toronto



The first ever South Asian youth conference celebrating and strengthening Social Justice activism amongst South Asian youth, as part of the celebration of South Asian Heritage Month (May).

We plan to have a unique conference at City Hall (with the support of the City of Toronto) on May 31st to celebrate social activism amongst South Asian youth.

Conference topics include mental health, queer/gender issues, disability/ability, and local community organizing. The conference includes workshops, panel discussions, entertainment (spoken word, music, etc.) and hands-on workshops.

The conference is organized by the South Asian Youth Advisory Committee (SAYAC), a group of young activists, leaders and frontline workers within the South Asian communities of the GTA. SAYAC is an initiative of the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA).

Food will be provided! The conference is FREE! But please pre-register by contacting Gopal Banerjee - [email protected] or 416 932 1359 x 14. Contact Gopal for more info.

This event is open to all youth!

see [url=http://www.firesofresistance.com]www.firesofresistance.com[/url]


Fabulous! Be sure to post it to [url=http://www.rabble.ca/whats_up.shtml]our What's Up[/url] notice board, too.

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can u post where it'll be? I might forget to checc inbox and it makes sense to post it here