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Behind The Numbers

Behind The Numbers delivers timely, progressive commentary on issues that affect Canadians, including the economy, poverty, inequality, climate change, budgets, taxes, public services, employment and much more. Contributors include staff and research associates from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).The views expressed on this blog are those of the individual contributors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the CCPA. Visit the blog at Behindthenumbers.ca.

Blog - Behind The Numbers January 8
Image credit: EdFinn.ca
Erika Shaker | Ed Finn was a historian, an activist, an adviser, a colleague, a shop steward, a mentor, a pun-master, and a surrogate great-uncle. Erika Shaker pays tribute to an extraordinary man.
Blog - Behind The Numbers April 27
Saskatchewan Legislative Building. Photo: daryl_mitchell/Flickr
Nick Falvo | This budget, while relatively status quo, is mostly bad news for low-income households in the province. And this comes one year after a budget that announced significant cuts to social programs.
Blog - Behind The Numbers August 17
Chrystia Freeland. Photo: OEA - OAS/flickr
Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood, Stuart Trew | In a series of speeches on Monday morning, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland outlined six broad priorities for Canada in the impending renegotiation of NAFTA.
Blog - Behind The Numbers August 14
Kate McInturff | It's that exciting time of year when economists start making submissions to the federal Finance Committee about what they'd like to see in Budget 2018. What would a feminist budget look like?
Blog - Behind The Numbers August 10
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Scott Sinclair, Stuart Trew, Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood | The NAFTA renegotiation drama is taking centre stage -- and it looks more like a summer rerun than the transformative spectacle we were promised.
Blog - Behind The Numbers June 9
Living wage protest. Image: Flickr/Fibonacci Blue​
Ed Finn | As long as this ignorance of public and private sector interdependence prevails, so will social and economic deprivation, inequality, poverty, deregulation, crumbling infrastructure and environment.
Blog - Behind The Numbers December 22
Photo: Mark Round/flickr
Trish Hennessy, Manisha Aggarwal-Schifellite | The experts at the CCPA have been tracking economic developments in Ontario throughout the year. Here are 10 charts that helped define the state of income, work, and the role of government in 2016.
Blog - Behind The Numbers December 15
Erika Shaker | There is no national system of public, universally accessible child care in Canada. Here's what that has meant for thousands of families, by the numbers.
Blog - Behind The Numbers December 7
Photo: Kurt Bauschardt/flickr
Joe Fantauzzi | Low-income residents of Canada face a significant double standard when it comes to accessing banking services despite urgently wanting them.
Blog - Behind The Numbers December 6
Photo: Howl Arts Collective/flickr
Kate McInturff | Every December 6, we remember the women who lost their lives in the brutal and targeted attack at École Polytechnique. Have we learned from the past?
Blog - Behind The Numbers November 17
Photo: Robert Fairchild/flickr
Zohra Jamasi | In his fall economic update, Ontario's Minister of Finance Charles Sousa promised relief to homebuyers, but is it enough to cool rising housing costs in hot markets like Toronto?
Blog - Behind The Numbers November 3
Photo: Reg Natarajan/flickr
Simon Enoch | The Saskatchewan government's recent legislative efforts to define what is -- and what is not -- "privatization," has left us all floundering in a game of useless semantics.
Blog - Behind The Numbers November 2
Photo: An advertisement for Wallonia at the Brussels airport/ Behind the Numbers
Stuart Trew, Scott Sinclair | The Walloon government's resistance will have emboldened elected decision-makers across the continent, who must still decide, in 40 parliaments, if they wish to ratify the Canadian deal.
Blog - Behind The Numbers November 1
Image: Flickr/American Advisors Group
Nick Falvo, Allan Moscovitch, Richard Lochead | Canada has witnessed a renewed public debate on the CPP since the 2008 world financial crisis and Parliament is set to debate it this fall. Here are 10 things to keep in mind.
Blog - Behind The Numbers October 28
Photo: Behind the Numbers
Stuart Trew, Scott Sinclair | By standing firm under incredible pressure, the regional government of Wallonia gave a voice to millions of citizens who feel the Canada-EU trade deal fails to represent their interests.
Blog - Behind The Numbers October 20
Photo: Paul Sableman/flickr
Armine Yalnizyan | Boost the minimum wage and you boost the economy, from the bottom up. Here's why we should be raising the roof about the benefits of raising the wage floor.
Blog - Behind The Numbers October 11
Ed Finn | Our entire medicare apparatus is fixated on the treatment and (if possible) cure of illness rather than its prevention. It's a system that assumes we'll get sick, and even depends on our getting sick.
Blog - Behind The Numbers October 7
Photo: Dennis Jarvis/flickr
Brendan Haley | Nova Scotia policymakers should have known for some time that carbon pricing is coming. The province should be prepared to succeed in a low-carbon future because of earlier reduction efforts.
Blog - Behind The Numbers September 29
Photo: Mehr Demokratie/flickr
Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood | As governments in Europe debate CETA's merits this fall, it may be time for Canadians and their representatives in Parliament to take a second look at this supposedly "progressive" agreement.
Blog - Behind The Numbers September 27
Photo: KMR Photography/flickr
David Macdonald | When the National Balance Sheet came out this month, the focus was on the need for households to pay down that debt... somehow. But we need to look at the broader debt picture across all sectors.
Blog - Behind The Numbers September 21
Photo: Chris/flickr
Erika Shaker | Governments need to ask themselves: is downloading more debt onto students -- particularly during a time of workforce precarity -- a sustainable policy to pursue?
Blog - Behind The Numbers September 20
Photo: Toms Baugis/flickr
Nick Falvo | Canada's federal government has begun national consultations on the development of a "national housing strategy." The government is expected to release a report Nov. 22, which is National Housing Day.
Blog - Behind The Numbers September 6
Photo: Scurzuzu/flickr
Tom Cooper | The Ontario government has announced some modest reforms to lower the outrageous interest rates charged to customers of payday loan companies. It's a step in the right direction, but is it enough?
Blog - Behind The Numbers September 1
Photo: KMR Photography/flickr
David Macdonald, Nick Falvo, Allan Moscovitch | There has been debate about the wisdom of the Trudeau government changing the age of eligibility for OAS from 67 back to 65. Here are 10 things to know about federal income support for seniors.
Blog - Behind The Numbers August 31
Image: Behind the Numbers
Ed Finn | Even those among us who are affluent and live in luxury are not invulnerable to the dangers of an increasingly contaminated environment.
Blog - Behind The Numbers August 24
Photo: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: Corporate/flickr
Armine Yalnizyan | Contract talks currently underway between Unifor and the Big Three U.S. auto manufacturers raise the old question: does Canada really need an auto industry, especially now that Mexico is a magnet?
Blog - Behind The Numbers August 17
Photo: Tony Hall/flickr
Sadie McInnes | It's time we pay attention to the unique experience of homeless women, and also take into account other identity-based barriers to housing and services that women face.
Blog - Behind The Numbers August 11
Photo: Thad Smith/flickr
Erika Shaker | Progressive change does not happen by accident. It requires dedication and a tremendous investment to take on the development of alternative models of How Things Should Work.
Blog - Behind The Numbers July 28
Photo: Dariusz Więckiewicz/flickr
Ed Finn | This is an epilogue to Ed Finn's three-part series examining the ideology of neoliberalism and the enormous harm its implementation imposes on people and the planet.
Blog - Behind The Numbers July 21
Photo: Kevin Conor Keller/flickr
David Macdonald | It's 2016 and Canada is a long way from ending poverty, but three promising developments are about to lift almost half a million people above the poverty line.